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Age 20
Height 161cm
Bust 32c
Dress Size 5
Languages English, Hindi
Availability 24/7
Nationality Indian
Location Mumbai Escorts
Incall/Outcall Both


I’m Janu-Kapoor, the pretty hottest and youngest escort girl in Mumbai. I work as a model and actress. The features that make me an attractive girl for you are my unique tan skin and body, my curves, and fabulous eyes. I have feet long black hair. I have big dark eyes and a broad smile on pink lips that attracts everyone who meets me. I am a very open-minded, high-profile, elite, and VIP young escort in mumbai. If you have any dream to have fun with a teenage girl as your dream partner and as a real-life partner then I am here to fulfill it. See the latest photos & videos of mine. .


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  • 2 hour
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